Ask Sandy the Enderwoman



That’s a bit depressing though isn’t it? I guess kittens are nice too…

My length of knowledge is that she’s out gathering supplies…or at least that’s what she’s supposed to be doing. Notch knows what she’s decided to get herself into. She probably is going around making sure every nook and crevice is clear of them.

Sandy: I really don’t like to mess around with potions…

Sarah: [[>c I’m not going anywhere near a potion ever again.]]

Sandy: What the heck just happened?

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((I’M ALLIVVEEE! and tired of hugs now, let’s get on with the real questions! Although they shall be posted tomorrow, since I don’t have enough time tonight to finish drawing responses. Our errands today took a lot more time than I thought they would.))

Sandy: But really, The ‘sparkles’ are really void particles. Enders in the End ‘sparkle’ all the time since void particles are constantly being pulled to them and expelled off of them. After we are brought to the surface though, the particles expel themselves completely over time and we no longer ‘sparkle’ unless we teleport.

Sandy: No tribe should ever leave a child behind. You may visit whenever you wish and have all the hugs you’d like.

((so many hugs *-* ))