Ask Sandy the Enderwoman

((I don’t think this needs any words really, besides me saying, sorry that it’s so late! I got sucked into a manga yesterday and got pulled along for a quick family trip today and forgot my tablet pen. :c Luckily we got back in time for me to finish this.))

Sarah: [[It’s official. My life sucks, and I’ve stopped giving a damn.]]

((For anyone who is wondering, I shall be bringing Sandy back soon! It’s been fun playing around with Sarah so much, but this blog is called askSandy, so I think it’s time we get back to her. Oh, and the reason i’m able to post these so soon is that I’ve been sick all day, and so I’ve had nothing else I could do without it making me fall asleep…))

Sarah: [[Must…not…blink…Wait, do I even need to blink in the first place?]]

((Not over with the magic anon fun just yet, just taking a little diversion from it for the moment. I’ll get back to it as soon as I can draw up the next answer!))